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Hainan Shanli Enterprise (Trading) Co.,Ltd

We are a specilized manufacturer and exporter of many kinds of disposable plastic and non-woven products. Such as pe cover sheet, pe drop cloth, pe table cover, pe bike bag, pe Christmas removal tree bag, pe sofa and mattress cover, pe shower cap, pe bowl cover, pe sleeve cover, pe shoe cover, pe steering wheel cover, pe gear knob cover, pe rain coat, pe rain rain bonnet, pe visitor coat and other products.
Company name: Hainan Shanli Enterprise (Trading) Co.,Ltd Company type: Exporter
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Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] Sell PE Cover Sheet
  2. [Sell] Sell PE Steering Wheel Cover
  3. [Sell] Sell pe sleeve cover
  4. [Sell] Sell pe drop cloth
  5. [Sell] Sell PE Table Cover
  6. [Sell] Sell PE Wind Rain Bonnet
  7. [Sell] Sell PE Gear Knob Cover
  8. [Sell] Sell pe rain coat
  9. [Sell] Sell pe bike bag
  10. [Sell] Sell PE Bowl Cover
  11. [Sell] Sell pe sofa and mattress cover
  12. [Sell] Sell pe christmas tree bag
  13. [Sell] Sell PE Shoe Cover
  14. [Sell] Sell PE Shower Cap

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