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Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd. Can supply good quality melamine.
Formula: C3N6N6 Molecular weight: 126.12
Use: Melamine is mainly used for manufacturing melaminoformal dehyde resin, which is well water, heat & arc resistant and bright. It can also be used in decorative laminates, aminoplastics, adhesive agents, coatings and used as a paper reinforcing agent, textile auxiliaries, cement water-reducing agent and leather retaining agent etc.
Appearance: white powder
Purity(%): 99.8 min
Moisture(%): 0.1
PH: 7.5-9.5
Ash content(%): 0.03 max
kaolin turbidity, degree: 20 max
coloruity(PT-Co)through, degree: 20 max
Packing: 25kg, 250kg or 1000kg woven bag with inner film.
Category: Chemicals / Organics Placement Date: Aug 12, 2014 GMT
Company name: Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd. Company type: Manufacturer, Service
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